Local businesses will stay open as usual despite sewer repairs which will see a short section of London Road South, Lowestoft, close for 12 weeks.

The major, £300,000 project to repair a section of the Victorian sewer close to the junction of Cleveland Road, is due to start on Monday (September 9th).  

Anglian Water was made aware a section of the sewer had collapsed in July and investigations found a large void beneath the road which left it unsafe for traffic.  

Recognising the importance of the busy summer season for local trade and tourism, the firm made emergency ground repairs to keep the road open and delayed starting the actual sewer repair project work until September.  

The project will last around 12 weeks due to the depth of the sewer and the sandy ground conditions beneath Lowestoft, which make the job more complex.  

A new manhole is being constructed and engineers will be digging over five metres down to repair the broken pipe.  

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “We know there is never a good time to close a busy road like this, but we didn’t want to affect trade and tourism during the busy summer months.  

“We have now left this for as long as we can, and need to commence work to address the problem now.  

“We want to do what we can to help the local businesses who have been very helpful and understanding about the work.  

“All the shops in this part of the town will be open as usual. None of the footpaths are affected by the road closure and the car park off Clifton Road will also remain open.  

“We will be putting signs out to make sure Kirkley’s customers know they are open for business throughout.”  

Traffic using London Road South will be diverted around the road closure along Carlton Road, the A12 and back along Mill Road.  

There will also be some changes to local bus services too, with buses heading along Carlton Road and then following the A12 to the town centre. In order to help them travel easily up Carlton Road residents are being asked not to park on the westbound side of this road.  

Antony added: “We know that this work will cause disruption, and we’re sorry for that, but hopefully people will understand that we have to do this repair. The consequences of not acting now could be much worse.  

“We’ve tried to reduce the impact of this work as best we can. For instance buses will now stop at the corner of Carlton Road so those who would usually alight further up London Road South can get off here, leaving a shorter walk to the usual stops.”  

A spokesman for the Kirkley Business Association said: “We will work together with Anglian Water to ensure that the adjustments necessitated by the road works will be seamless, causing minimum disruption to the public.  

“The Kirkley shopping experience will continue to be a pleasure throughout, and if you do have to go a few steps further why not take a break in one of our great cafés and admire the floral displays en route.”