Businesses across the eastern region are invited to enter the inaugural ‘We Love What You Do’ Awards, run by Anglian Water Business.

The water company is looking to award the people, businesses and initiatives which have made a difference in the field of water management in the region. Entries are open to any business or public sector organisation which gets all or part of their service from Anglian Water Business.

Bob Wilson, Director of Anglian Water Business, said: “Businesses are in a unique position to protect our natural environment and water supplies for future generations.

“Not only do they have control over their own operations but they can also influence the behaviour of their employees, customers and even suppliers.

“We believe it’s important to recognise the work of organisations around sustainable water management as it’s showing the way for others and we hope these awards are a great way to do that while encouraging collaboration between our customers.”

Nominations are open until 3rd October with the awards evening being held in late November. Organisations can nominate themselves or be nominated by their account manager.

Part of the project or initiative must have taken place between January 2013 and September 2014 to be considered.

Bob added: “If you’ve taken steps to protect water resources, we want to hear from you.

“You may already have a great idea in place which other organisations can learn from and help us all come together to address the long term challenges we face as our climate changes and population grows.

The award categories include:

• Drop carbon– supported by the Carbon Trust, this award recognises organisations that can demonstrate a carbon reduction through water or water recycling initiatives
• Drop risk – this award recognises organisations that have built business resilience
• Save every drop – this award recognises water efficiency initiatives
• Making waves – this award recognises employee or end user engagement to drive behavioural change
• One to watch – this award recognises an early stage initiative
• Turning the tide – this award recognises organisations that have overcome a significant challenge with regards to water, used water or trade effluent
• Leadership – this award recognises total commitment to environmental responsibility