"The need for long-term investment in infrastructure is crucial to ensure a sustainable future."

03 December 2020


In response to the publication of the Government’s National Infrastructure Strategy, Alex Plant Director of Strategy and Regulation for Anglian Water said:


“We welcome the Government’s priorities set out in the NIS. It reflects many of the goals and ambitions we have set ourselves to ensure a green economic recovery post Covid19, and prepare for a resilient future across the East of England where the challenges of climate change and a rapidly growing population in an already water-scarce region are greater than anywhere else in the UK. 
“The need for long term investment in infrastructure is crucial to ensure a sustainable future – we know securing future water supplies requires this action today. But we also recognise our responsibility to the environment, which is why we welcome the commitment to put the UK on the right path to net zero by 2050, and the opportunity to align this with our own water industry route map to net-zero by 2030 – the most ambitious target for any sector in the UK.  
“We also welcome the commitment to support private sector investment in core infrastructure. we agree with the need to review economic regulation to ensure that it enables investment which is essential to meet the 21st Century challenge of climate change.  
“Investment in the right kind of sustainable infrastructure not only protects the environment, but goes hand in hand with reducing long term costs, keeping bills affordable for all and ensuring fairness between generations. Climate change will not wait, and our customers are clear that we should be taking action now to address these urgent challenges. I look forward to engaging with HM Treasury on its proposed economic regulation review which should consider how we can ensure economic regulation supports these ambitions.  
“Many businesses – including Anglian Water – are already working towards these goals, and we stand ready to support the Government as it seeks to deliver this agenda. Our shared goal is a resilient and secure future for our region, for the country, and ultimately for our planet.”