Fishing from the banks of Grafham Water

There is no worry of a shortage of water despite lower levels at the company’s Grafham Water reservoir, Anglian Water has assured.

The organisation is deliberately reducing the storage levels to around 80 per cent so important shoreline work can be completed.

Colin Hinge, Supply Manager at Grafham, said: “It’s been very hot recently, with lots of people flocking to the shores of Grafham to enjoy the weather and the scenery.

“Some visitors have started to notice the water levels in the reservoir have been dropping in recent weeks so we wanted to assure people that this is planned and nothing to worry about.

“Typically we’d expect Grafham to be about 90 per cent full at this time of year, instead we’re slowly reducing the level to 80 per cent so we can complete work to protect the shoreline from erosion.”

The work is part of a £10 million, multi-year project which began in 2012, to secure more than 18km of shoreline at three drinking water reservoirs across the Anglian Water region.

Colin added: “It may be hard to believe that you can get coastal-like erosion in a landlocked reservoir, but the effects of the wind on these large bodies of open water create waves which over time undercut the embankments and can lead to small collapses on some of the banks.

“Our reservoirs serve an industrial purpose, but they are also tremendous habitats for all kinds of wildlife. A lot of work has gone into planning this project to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

“We intentionally made sure Grafham was as full as possible recently while similar work was carried out at Rutland Water and Pitsford Water (Northampton). This work at Grafham will complete the project and we will hold the levels here at around 80 per cent until work is completed.”

Work will involve smoothing down the cliff-like banks and using a porous black matting to secure four kilometres of the shoreline. This will then be covered with rocks to help break the wave’s impact.