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Peter Simpson becomes co-chair of key UK climate change group

10 March 2020


Anglian Water Chief Executive Peter Simpson has been appointed co-chair of the UK Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), a group of leading UK businesses who have come together to drive stronger ambition and effective acceleration on climate change action within the UK.


Working in partnership with the UK government, the UK CLG is a sister group of the wider CLG Europe and is aimed at supporting climate leadership across the globe with a clear focus on delivering a net zero carbon economy. The CLG was founded under the leadership of HRH the Prince of Wales. Peter takes on the role of co-chair alongside Colin Matthews, non-executive Chairman of EDF Energy.


Peter Simpson, CEO for Anglian Water said, “I am proud to have been a member of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group since its beginnings in 2005. This group has been instrumental in raising ambition both nationally and internationally, and now the creation of CLG’s new UK-focused group provides a wonderful opportunity to build on our success.


“It comes at just the right time. Not only is there almost universal recognition across the UK that we are facing a climate emergency, but also, this year, we have the opportunity offered by hosting COP26. This is a pivotal moment in the global effort to tackle our changing climate and I am keen that together we seize this chance to make our voices heard and effect real and lasting change.”


Aware of its wider environmental and social responsibility, and of the major role the company plays in the regional and UK economy, Anglian Water, along with the rest of the water industry has committed to a range of ambitious environmental goals, including pledging to accelerate the substantial progress it has already made on carbon reduction by reaching net zero carbon by 2030.


Simpson added, “The UK led the world with its 2008 Climate Change Act and has done so again by committing itself to net zero. We as leaders need to come together to help demonstrate that not only is net zero possible, but that it can be done in a way that brings social and economic prosperity.”


The first meeting of the UK CLG took place this week, and called on the UK government to show strong climate leadership with a clear strategy for climate change.