Water in the home

Homeowners and businesses across the region are being urged to make sure their tap water is kept in top condition at home.

Each year, Anglian Water receives thousands of calls about odd tastes and smells from tap water, the sources of which are most often in customers’ homes.

Things inside the home, like kettles, dirty tap heads, white goods and boiler filling loops can impact the quality of the water coming out of the tap. Anglian Water is encouraging customers to join its Keep Water Healthy campaign, which aims to give people the know-how to put these simple things right to avoid any odd tastes and odours.

Matthew Jackson, Water Supply Regulations Manager, from Anglian Water, explains: “Before it gets to your tap, your drinking water is cleaned, disinfected and tested to make sure it is of the very highest standard.

“Yet we still receive thousands of calls every year about water issues that have been caused inside people’s homes – the majority of which are easily fixed. Things like lagging pipes, cleaning a tap head or fitting a non-return valve to hoses that feed washing machines and dishwashers are some of the simple ways to keep tap water in the same pristine condition that it was supplied.”

The advice on how to keep water healthy comes after a construction company - Faircloth Limited - was fined for creating an illegal connection to a fire hydrant to supply a retail unit in Milton Keynes. In addition to being illegal, the connection created was in breach of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and posed a risk to water quality.

Faircloth Limited fashioned the temporary water supply by using domestic hosepipes and was fined £900 plus costs (£2,458) after pleading guilty at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court last month.

Matt added: “We inspect thousands of properties every year to check for compliance with water fittings regulations to avoid it ever getting to this stage. These inspections protect customers by ensuring the drinking water they receive at the tap is to the same high standard and pristine quality as when it was supplied.

“Where actions by individuals and companies – like Faircloth Limited – present a risk to water quality, and therefore to our customers, we will look to prosecute and recover our legal costs. We hope this fine will serve as a warning and deterrent to others.

“We want to help everyone keep their water healthy and there are simple things we can all do to ensure the water coming out of the tap at home is tip-top. There’s information and videos about what to look out for, such as poorly fitted boiler filling loops and cheap kettles, and what do to rectify problems”

Anglian Water has released a number of handy tips, advice and how-to videos, available here.

If you need to use a plumber we always recommend using a water industry approved plumber from www.watersafe.org.uk

For developers and builders, more information about water connections and the water fittings regulations is available in our dedicated section for builders and developers.