Ryan allen

One Anglian Water employee became an overnight social media star when a video he took of the famous Flying Scotsman being spectacularly photo-bombed went viral. 

 Ryan Allen, a leakage technician at Anglian Water, was on his way to Little Bytham in Lincolnshire to investigate a leak at some railway sidings. After learning that the iconic train was about to go past on its journey to York he stopped to get some footage on his phone – but right at the worst moment a Virgin train heading the other way blocked his once-in-a-lifetime shot.

“I’d heard on the radio about the Flying Scotsman,” Ryan said. “Then when I got there there were a lot of people with cameras – I just happened to arrive in the right place at the right time.

“I turned my camera on to film it but just at the moment it went past this Virgin train shot in front. Since I put the video on Twitter I’ve had so many responses and notifications I’ve had to turn my phone off.

“It certainly wasn’t a usual day at work!”

The tweet Ryan posted with the footage of the trains passing has now been shared on the social media site more than 2,500 times and has appeared on TV news programmes and on news websites - https://twitter.com/Ryeallen/status/702805205319065600

When Virgin saw the footage they decided to make amends for ruining Ryan’s shot. Richard Branson spoke to the media to personally offer a free flight for him and his partner to the US.

Ryan is just one of Anglian Water’s army of leakage detectives who work across the region every day looking for leaks. We’re investing £30million this year in tackling leaks on our network. So far the programme has reduced leaks by a third – saving enough water to fill Rutland Water reservoir.