"Wat-er top job!" Best year on record for Anglian water quality performance

16 July 2020


As the country’s largest water company by geographical area, Anglian Water is once again setting the benchmark for drinking water quality standards across the UK.


This week, the company was recognised in the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Chief Inspector's Report as one of the leading companies in the water industry  for drinking water quality standards.


The report looks at water quality testing, results and investigations carried out to check that companies have taken the appropriate action to maintain confidence in drinking water quality and safeguard public health. Anglian Water ranked highly in all key quality measures used by the regulator to assess performance from source to tap.


Dr Clair Dunn, Head of Water Quality at Anglian Water said: “The delivery of safe, clean, high-quality drinking water is the core of what we do. It’s the single most important thing to our customers, so we’re pleased our performance has been highlighted in this year’s Chief Inspectors report.


“This was our best ever year for water quality standards and we have performed better than industry averages in all key areas.”


Overall, the status of water quality in England was described by the Chief Inspector, as “at a very high standard.” Specifically , Anglian had another year of continued improved performance against the Compliance Risk Index (CRI) with our 2019 score of 1.75. The industry average for 2019 was 2.87. This is a new headline measure for drinking water quality designed to give a numerical value to water quality risk – a lower value indicating a lower risk.


Another key new measure is Event Risk Index (ERI) which looks at not only the severity of any water quality issue but also the actions taken by the company in response to it. Anglian also excelled in ths area with a  score of 8.28 for 2019 compared to an industry average of 7.23 in 2019.


The number of contacts from customers about the appearance or taste and odour of their water has dropped to the lowest ever level for the water company with an average of 1.15 contacts per thousand customers again below the industry average of 1.2.


Clair continued: “Drinking water quality is essential to the business we are in, and despite consistently achieving the high industry standards year-on-year, there is always work to be done and fine-tuning to undertake in order to improve.


“Our mindset is always to plan for the long-term, taking into account the challenges of climate change and growth, as well as future water resources management. What is certain is that our future planning will always include the provision of safe, clean drinking water as a top priority and our commitment to maintain these high standards, will not diminish.”