Water industry report praises Anglian, but predicts new challenges ahead

01 November 2019


This week our regulator Ofwat published it’s annual report card into water industry performance. We’re extremely proud to have been one of three companies singled out for particular praise.


This comes after being named number one in the industry for customer service, and Utility of the Year in recent months. We have worked extremely hard to understand what our customers want from us and to change the way we work from root to branch so we are spending our customers’ money wisely to serve our growing region, plan for an uncertain future and protect the environment.


But Ofwat CEO Rachel Fletcher rightly challenged the industry to set bar even higher.


“This latest report card on the water sector shows some real variation in company performance,” she said. “Customers served by Anglian, Wessex and Portsmouth tend to have a better service.


“Ofwat’s new strategy and the challenges we are setting in the price review for the five year period to 2025, require companies to transform their performance, particularly those at the bottom of the pile. We are raising what we expect from companies and in responding to that, they will need to show innovation and real ambition.”


Our business plan for the next five years is our biggest and most ambitious yet and will see us reduce our industry best leakage rates even further, help more vulnerable customers, create a series of wildlife rich treatment wetlands and build infrastructure to move water around our region, making us more resilient in the face of climate change and supporting our growing population.


Read more on Ofwat’s report card here.