Wind turbine Newton Marsh

Two wind turbines at Anglian Water’s Newton Marsh water recycling centre began turning this week, in the latest stage of a project to provide renewable, green energy to the site.

The turbines will now undergo a rigorous 300-hour-long test phase, after which they will power the water recycling centre, as well as exporting surplus energy to the national grid.

Erected by ASC Renewables, the turbines stand 105 metres tall at their highest point. They are capable of producing an estimated 10,600 megawatt hours, which is sufficient to meet the electricity needs of at least 2,100 homes.

Each turbine has an installed capacity of 2.3 megawatts and will produce approximately 10.6 million units (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year.

Ciaran Nelson, a spokesperson for Anglian Water, said: “Energy costs currently account for roughly 11% of all Anglian Water’s expenditure, but we’re always looking for ways to reduce that. This includes generating our own energy through projects like this.

“In a region that is likely to encounter significant challenges in the face of a changing climate, it’s vital that we reduce our energy consumption, and limit the amount of carbon that we emit into the atmosphere. Currently, we generate around 8% of our own energy needs from renewable sources. Last year, we generated 64GWh of renewable energy - enough to power around 15,000 homes for an entire year.”