Two New Year schemes that will help alleviate flooding in Lowestoft, and represent £2.3 million of investment, are getting underway this week.


Just before Christmas, Anglian Water started the preparation works for a £2 million six month project to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to homes, gardens and highways in the All Saints Road area.

A second, quarter of a million pound scheme is also about to start this week around Lake Lothing to prevent seawater getting into the sewer system during high tide, improving pumping power and drainage.

The two Anglian Water schemes are just some of the projects in the offing in partnership with Suffolk County Council and Waveney District Council as part of the wider strategy to reduce flooding in Lowestoft.

Anglian Water’s Flood Risk Manager, Jonathan Glerum, said: “Responsibility for the drainage of a massive area like Lowestoft sits with many different organisations. The County Council, District Council Highways, Environment Agency, and Anglian Water, as well as private landowners each have responsibility for part of the drainage network, which is a huge spider’s web of pipes, pumps, watercourses, streams, outfalls and drainage points - all interconnected.

“As Lowestoft has suffered from tidal and storm flooding over the past few years, which has impacted different parts of the drainage system there needs to be a solid, joined up approach from all these partners to address flood risk. That’s why the Suffolk Flood Risk Management Partnership was created, of which Anglian Water is a member.

“The wider flood strategy for Lowestoft will see flood partners working together over the coming months. A new tidal barrier, sea walls and improvements to the Kirkley Stream are just some of the other schemes being discussed and planned by the Flood Partnership Group.

“Anglian Water is investing in upgrades, particularly where there have been problems in the past. Around All Saints Road is an area where customers have unfortunately been affected by sewer flooding, and this first £2 million scheme is specifically designed to address that.

“The Lake Lothing scheme will stop seawater getting into the sewer pipes, improving pumping power and drainage overall.”

All Saints Road scheme:
• A brand new relief sewer will be built along All Saints Road to provide extra capacity and take surface water away from the road and homes more effectively. Brand new road gullies will be installed on All Saints Road to capture the run-off and a soakaway will be created on Pakefield beach to return this rainwater back to the environment.

• New, upgraded foul sewers will also be constructed from St George Road to London Road South, and along Walmer Road.

• A large underground storage tank will also be built near Faversham Court to store sewage flows during very heavy rainfall. This will act as a relief system and feed the sewage back into the network when there is less rainwater in the system.

• Finally, extra storm water storage will be created using an existing chamber near Saxon Road. The whole system will be connected to alarms that notify our 24 hour emergency operations centre about rising water levels or technical issues that require an engineer to attend.

• Some road closures and restrictions are required to carry out the work.

Lake Lothing scheme:
• On Commercial Road, Anglian Water will install new non-return valves and flap valves in a number of sewers and manholes to stop seawater flowing the wrong way up pipes that drain into the sea and provide extra protection from the tide.

• Work will take place in the evenings only to minimise traffic disruption and will run from 4 January mid February 2016.

Jonathan continued: “For safety, we do need to close some roads and restrict access where we are working. We know this will cause some inconvenience to residents, businesses and road users and we’re sorry for that, but we’ve spoken to everyone who will be directly affected and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate any special access requests.

“These are essential schemes and we hope everyone will recognise the benefits for the community outweigh the immediate disruption.”

Road and lane closures:

The All Saints Road Scheme will require lane and road closures on a rolling basis:

• The footpath linking Silverwood Close to Stradbroke Road was kept open over Christmas but will be closed from 4th January until 27th May 2016

• All Saints Road Phase 1 – Closed between St Georges Rd and Pakefield Rd (including one side of the public footpath):
Start: 6th January 2016
Finish: 26th February 2016

• All Saints Road Phase 2 – Closed between London Rd South and St Georges Rd (including one side of the public footpath):
Start: 11th March 2016
Finish: 21st April 2016

• Short Street – Closed (including one side of the public footpath):
Start: 2nd March 2016
Finish: 10th March 2016

• Walmer Road – Closed (including one side of the public footpath):
Start: 9th March 2016
Finish: 10th May 2016

• London Road South – Managed by three-way traffic lights:
Start: 18th April 2016
Finish: 19th April 2016

• London Road South – Lane Closure managed by two-way traffic lights:
Start: 6th May 2016
Finish: 10th May 2016

For the Lake Lothing scheme, one lane will need to be closed on Commercial Road affecting access to Wilkinsons’ car park, but most of the construction work will take place on private land and therefore will not affect residents or businesses.