Net zero carbon business

Our long-term strategic ambitions are shaped to deliver on our purpose and drive us to achieve more, for everyone.

By 2030, be a net zero carbon business and reduce the carbon in building and maintaining our assets by 70%.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in both operational and capital carbon

Key achievements


  • Co-sponsor and co-chair of working group creating Water UK 2030 routemap to net zero  
  • Won Net Zero Carbon Initiative of the Year awards at the 2020 and 2021 Water Industry Awards and the 2020 Utility Week Awards  
  • Record year for renewable energy: 134.4 GWh, enough to power 40,000 homes  
  • Collaborative Innovate East event driving progress to net zero 


We’ve played a leading role this year in the development of the water sector’s groundbreaking routemap to net zero, with our CEO Peter Simpson co-sponsoring the goal and Anglian Water co-chairing the routemap working group. The routemap was described as “one of the most significant steps taken by any industry in the world” by UK Climate Action Champion Nigel Topping. Peter also chaired an official UN Race to Zero dialogue in November through his role as co-chair of CLG UK, the UK Corporate Leaders Group.


Next steps

All water companies are now completing their own detailed routemaps to net zero by July 2021. Ours will feature a blend of technologyled solutions, accelerating action on renewable energy and understanding process emissions; demand-led solutions, driving energy efficiency and making the most of biogas; and nature-based solutions, including in-region carbon sequestration and treatment wetlands. Our Innovate East events in partnership with Essex and Suffolk Water and Yorkshire Water are helping develop leading-edge thinking to contribute to our routemap.