Resilient to the risks of drought and flooding

Our long-term strategic ambitions are shaped to deliver on our purpose and drive us to achieve more, for everyone. 


Make the East of England resilient to the risks of drought and flooding. The management of climate change risks is embedded into everything we do. 

Key achievements  


  • Achieved global A-list status for response to climate change in second year of reporting through CDP  
  • First organisation in UK to deliver Adaptation Report in third round of reporting 
  • Embarked on biggest infrastructure programme in Anglian Water history  
  • Led creation of Future Fens Taskforce

Reaching the global A-list for adaptation

In only our second year of reporting we reached CDP’s global A-list for our response to climate change, placing us in the top 3 per cent of 9,600 companies and one of only 21 UK companies to do so.  

Safeguarding future supplies 

Together with our partners in the Strategic Pipeline Alliance (SPA) — Costain, Farrans, Jacobs and Mott MacDonald Bentley — we’re delivering the biggest infrastructure programme in Anglian Water history. By 2025 we’ll create a new network of hundreds of kilometres of vast interconnecting pipelines, and upgrade existing infrastructure to allow water to be moved around our water-scarce region, from areas where supplies are more abundant to areas that have a shortfall, helping us secure water supplies across our region for many years to come. The SPA is supported by cutting-edge digital infrastructure — a digital twin — which will mirror the physical infrastructure, providing real-time data to drive insight, helping us to monitor and optimise the network.  

Future Fens: Integrated Adaptation  

Led by Anglian Water in partnership with Water Resources East, the Environment Agency and a wealth of other partners, an ambitious programme is coming together to drive resilience to climate change in the Fens. Future Fens combines flood risk management (including upgraded coastal defences, barriers and barrages) with new open water transfers and multi-user reservoirs to unlock economic growth, new housing projects and improved transport links, as well as benefiting nature and tourism. We hope the programme will be showcased as an international exemplar of innovative approaches to adaptation at November’s global COP26 Summit.