Grafham trout anglers have recorded a rod average of 4.0 for the week; there's news from the recent GWFFA match plus a 17lb Zander for Mr Lehane.

Fish 265(season 12,593) Returns 66 (1,902) Rod average 4.0(6.62)

Some good conditions at Grafham Water this week have brought fish up in the water allowing most anglers a better chance of catching their bag and this is reflected in the rod average which is a very respectable 4.0.

The best method for boat anglers is to start fishing 200-300 yards off the bank, drifting towards it or fishing close in and drifting away. Many fish are still within the top five feet of water and can be targeted with a variety of lines or styles. The fast glass has been working well when conditions have been overcast, along with floating lines. In bright sunshine anglers are opting for midge tips, intermediates and Di 3’s and 5’s. Pulling has worked well this week, especially with blobs, fabs and boobies. Some anglers are still doing particularly well on dry flies and nymphs. Although the buzzer fishing is tailing off, they are still being found, although these are very small indeed, other food items include pin fry, snail and shrimp.

Bank angling has picked up and is best at either end of the day. Large specimens are frequently seen in the channels amongst the weed with most feeding on pin fry or shrimp. The majority of shore caught fish are full of shrimp so it’s time to dust off your waders and dig out GRHE’s. Good shrimping areas include around any weedy areas, rocky areas and the dam. Plummers, Pylon, Deep Water Point and off the Willows can be hot spots on the right day and are well worth a go. When retrieving shrimp patterns try pausing and letting the fly drop straight down to tempt more cautious fish into taking. This mimics the movement of migrating shrimp and can be very effective.

There have been a few predators showing this week, particularly around Savages and hidden amongst the weedbeds, although it’s the Seat where solitary big zander are again showing. Mr Lehane fished a tube very successfully and managed a fantastic 17lb fish. This specimen was an absolute corker and it was a huge achievement to take a fish like this on a fly rod. Grafham Zander are in a league of their own and are potential record breakers.

With the shrimp returning to the margins please remember the importance of using the wash down facilities at the end of all sessions. It’s essential that all anglers ensure that all equipment and clothing is checked, cleaned and dried.

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Competition news
GWFFA boat match 2 July

Martin Brocklebank writes “16 GWFFA club members fished this match for a rod average of 4.8, finding plenty of fish, particularly at the west end of the lake. A cloudy morning saw fish feeding on the surface on tiny buzzer and some snail. Anglers used floating lines and various blobs and fabs. Some nice quality fish were caught just off the weedbeds, with lots of fish caught around the 3lb mark. Top rod was Steve Jones who fished blobs and fabs.
The best Rainbow of the match was a fine specimen of 3lb 13oz caught by John Vincent and the best Brown was caught by Peter Hartley, weighing 3lb 10oz”.

1st   Steve Jones                    8 fish for 18lb 1oz
2nd  Chris Bobby                  8 fish for 17lb 11oz
3rd  Charlie Abrahams          8 fish for 17lb 4oz

Martin also has a tip for anglers trying to keep their catch fresh during the hot weather. “Fill a couple of empty ice cream containers with water and freeze. Pop these inside a cold box and they can be used as ice blocks. When you catch a fish put it in the cool box along with a scoop or two of lake water and this will keep your hard caught fish in top condition until you get it home to the fridge or freezer.”

Best Rainbow                         3lb 4oz taken by John Vincent.

Best Brown                           5lb 7oz taken by Mr Socha.

Best boat areas                      Rainbow Point, the Seat, the Dam, open water drifting particularly west side of the reservoir,
Pylon Point, Dee Water Point, Hill Farm.

Best bank areas                     Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, South Dam and the bowl.

Best methods                         See report.

Mid week boat winner           Bill Vincent of Girton.

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