Simon Ashton 6lb 6oz Brown

Simon Ashton had a great day last Monday whilst fishing the North Arm. Simon says “It was very cloudy with a light westerly wind. I was using fry patterns and caught four good brown trout and two rainbows. The best brown weighed 6lb 6oz (my best this year). I then got two at the same time, one of 5lb 8oz and the other 3lb. Somehow I got them both in the net together!”

Fish 508 (season 42,709) Returns 152(8,646) Rod average 3.34 (4.93)

Rutland Water is in excellent form.

Simon Ashton's 6lb 6oz Brownie is one of the numerous big Browns taken this season. Joe Hardy of Soldier Palmers recorded a 6lb 5¾ brown from Old Hall flats on a fry pattern on Wednesday 18 October.

Jim Watts has compiled a list of Rutland’s specimen Browns this season. We’ve had a 9lb Brown recorded and two in double figures; 15 over 7lb; 88 over 5lb; 140 fish over 4lb and 283 fish over 3lb. As the Brown trout season draws to a close (31 October) we can reflect on an exceptional season for Browns.

Winter restrictions apply and brown trout are out of season from the 1 November, (so no fishing down the north or south arms). All browns caught from 1 November must be returned as quickly as possible and any that can’t be returned must be handed to fishery staff.

Competition news

Fry bashers
Day two of this match was fished at Rutland on Sunday 22 October. Strong westerly winds greeted anglers at Rutland following very windy conditions at Grafham for Day one.

Overall results

1st Cameron Neil
2nd Wayne Jones
3rd John Hardy

The best overall fish was a 5lb 10oz specimen Brown taken by Robbie Winram. Geoff Lawson recorded the best Rainbow at 4lb 3oz. The best bag of fish caught at Rutland went to Leanne Frost who recorded 8 fish for 16lb 11oz.

George Moore Memorial Trophy (Rudder) 28 October
1st  Martin Hearth & Jim Watts 8lb 13oz
2nd  Andy Ainscough & Dan Pitcher 6lb 15oz
3rd  Ziggy Lesiakowski & Chris Binley 6lb 3oz

Best fish Jim Watts 5lb 14oz (Brown)
Best boat Martin Hearth and Jim Watts 16 fish for 35lb 10¼oz.

This match also concluded the Anglian Water 2017 rudder series
1st  Roy Bartrum, Colan Bartrum & Chris Binley   36 points
2nd Simon Lehane & Yvonne Webb                        29 points
3rd  Mick Bennett & Ian Dolby                                   27 points

Great deals from 1 November. Day boat prices reduced to only £19. Half day 4 fish permits now valid all day.

Best Brown               6lb 6oz taken by Simon Ashton.

Best methods             Bank – fry patterns, nymphs (floating lines)
Boat – As for bank but include midge tips, various sinking lines with blobs, boobies, tubes and snakes.

Best boat areas           Most parts of the reservoir (please observe winter restrictions)..

Mid week boat winner M Holloway of Barnack.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Rutland Water – Pike, Zander and Perch only

Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure and dead sea bait to 31 January 2018

Rutland Fur & Feather (bank) 3 December