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Pre-development FAQs

Getting started

How do I submit a pre-planning enquiry?

All enquiries are submitted online using our customer portal. To access the pre-planning portal, email us at with your name, company name, address, contact email and phone number. Or call us on 0345 0265 458. We will set up an account and provide you with your login details and user guide.

Access requests will take no more than 24hrs.

How much will my pre-planning report cost?

This will depend on your enquiry and whether it is water or drainage only or combined.

Costs are displayed on our pre-planning pages.

Completing a request using the Portal

How do I upload my documents?

All documents can be uploaded under the Attachments section of your enquiry. Name the file you are attaching and either select add more documents if you wish to add a number of different attachments or next if you have attached all that is required for the enquiry.

Please note a location plan is required for ALL enquiries. Where full planning permission has been granted, a Decision Notice will also be required.

How do I confirm my development proposals?

You will be asked to confirm this under the Development Type section of your enquiry. Add each proposal separately and confirm the number of units for each Development Type you select:

  • C3 Use - Number of Units
  • C1, C2 and C2A Use - Floor Space or Number of beds and Number of Units
  • B1 and B8 Use - Floor Space and Number of Units
  • A1, A3 A4 and A5 Use - Floor Space or Number of employees and Number of Units

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card, debit card, BACS or bank transfer.

If you are paying by credit or debit card, you have the option to pay online when submitting your enquiry to us, or request for the team to call you to take the card details.

I have received my pre-planning report but have a further question....

I would like a different connection point?

If you would like to discuss a different connection point to the one detailed in your pre-planning report and the report is still valid, please send an email to Please provide a brief description of why a different connection point is required, together with your site reference number.

How long is my pre-planning report valid for?

Your report is valid from 12 months from the date of publication.

I have a question about my report.

If you have a question or would like more information about your report you can contact us by email: or call us on 0345 60 66 087, Option 1. 

Planning consultations

Individual planning applications

Do Anglian Water comment on planning applications?

Anglian Water is not a statutory consultee on planning applications. This means we are not automatically consulted on all development proposals. We do however actively engage in the planning process by responding to major developments (10 dwellings or more). In addition we screen weekly planning lists to ensure that we pick up on development proposals in sensitive areas. We also comment on specific proposals where requested to do so by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

When necessary, we may recommend to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) that a foul and/or surface water condition is applied to planning consent. This is to ensure that existing customers are protected from the impact of the development site on the public network.

How can I see what Anglian Water has said on a planning application?

Our responses to planning applications are publicly available alongside other consultees, through each Local Planning Authorities' website. Please view the planning application via your Local Planning Authority website to see if we have made any comments about that specific development.

What do I do if I want to discharge a planning condition?

If you wish to discharge a water or used water condition that has been attached to your planning permission, please make an application to the relevant Local Planning Authority (LPA). They will request evidence to discharge the condition and consult Anglian Water if appropriate.

Local plans and neighbourhood plans

Do Anglian Water respond to local plans and neighbourhood plans?

Anglian Water is a statutory consultee on the preparation of local and neighbourhood plans. We provide comments to the Local Planning Authority on growth proposals including any capacity constraints. These comments are available via the Local Planning Authority.


General questions

What is the capacity of my local Water Recycling Centre?

This varies for each Water Recycling Centre (WRC) and the scale of your development. As part of the Pre-Planning enquiry process we conduct an assessment of the available capacity at the nearest WRC to your development. This information is provided in the Pre-Planning report.

Please submit a Pre-Planning enquiry if you would like to know how your development could be served and whether any off site reinforcements would be required.

What should I do if I am concerned a development will impact negatively on the sewerage system?

If you have concerns about a development in your area, please contact us via email,, providing details about the reasons for your concerns. If applicable, we will review the planning application and provide comments to the Local Planning Authority.

If you wish to make your own comments on the proposal, you must submit these in writing to the Local Planning Authority.


Where do I find out more about S104 adoption of sewers process?

Our Developer Services team handle all sewer adoption work from the initial enquiry, right through to adoption.

Where do I find out more about S106 connections to the sewer?

Our Developer Services team handle all S106 connections to the public sewer from the initial enquiry, right through to connection.


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