Gardening jobs to do in Autumn

Is your garden winter ready? From October until the end of November it's a good time to improve your soil by adding an organic fertilizer and topping off with a mulch (e.g. bark, gravel, etc.) to help lock in moisture and nutrients, and improve the drainage. Remove weeds that will fight for any water, and cutback plants that will encourage growth for Spring. Tackle cultivation tasks like making new beds and borders, deep digging to help root development or relocating plants. That way the soil is much less likely to dry out in the process.

Top tip: Make small holes in a bag and fill up with wet leaves to create a leaf mould. Apply this to base areas where you’re planting bulbs to enhance the soil.

Is your garden wildlife friendly? Help protect small animals during the winter frosts. Create a messy logpile in a shady corner of the garden to attract hedgehogs and frogs. For more ideas visit, and remember to feed birds too. To maximise the number of birds you feed leave food in different locations in your garden e.g. on the ground in and in trees.

Spring flowering bulbs can be planted right up to the first frost this includes bulbs like alliums, anemomes, crocus, and daffodils. Tulips can be planted in November.