plumber holding a bucket full of bits and bobs

Anyone who loves water wants to do their bit to save it. Or, in this case, Bits and Bobs.

Doing your bit to save water could save you a bob or two. Having a FREE water efficiency home visit and getting some Bits and Bobs fitted could be just the start you need.

We live in the fastest growing region in the UK and tomorrow's forecast is for even more unpredictable weather. That's why we're asking everyone, everywhere, everyday to drop 20 litres of water (that's about two buckets full).

Our FREE water efficiency home visit will give you loads of useful tips on how to save water. And if you’re on a metered water supply, they should help you cut your water bills. Your energy bills could fall too because you’ll be heating less water.

During the water efficiency home visit, a member of our team will:

  • provide water efficiency advice
  • fit water-saving products where possible
  • and check for leaks too!

This is all FREE - we want to help you save water, energy, and money.

In return you help us save precious water in the driest part of the country.

So choosing Bits and Bobs means everyone – and the environment – benefits.