Sculpture in the ornamental garden at Grafham Water Park

Two showcase gardens have been created at Grafham Water (outside the visitors centre) to demonstrate just how beautiful a garden can look without needing a lot of watering.

The wildlife garden

The wild life garden contains a mixture of plants, fruit trees and bug homes. All of which have been carefully chosen to attract a wide range of wild life, from bees to hedgehogs into the garden. You can also find several willow sculptures within the garden.

The area was created in partnership with LEAP, (an organisation who works with young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, based at Huntingdon Regional College).

The ornamental garden

The ornamental garden, designed by a student from Huntingdon Regional College studying on the RHS course has been created to stimulate and encourage a calm and peaceful space.

The designer has created a beautiful spiral effect at the centre of which is an amazing parasol made from trees.

Both gardens use a range of plants that require little water.

Inspired to create your own?

Around the gardens there is plenty of information to help you create your own amazing waterwise garden. You’ll find details of the drought tolerant plants and tips to help you save water while still enjoying a beautiful garden.