Do I always have to comply with the Water Regulations?

If the water is supplied by Anglian Water you must comply with the Regulations. It is the law in England and Wales with it being a criminal offence to contravene the Regulations. However, if the water is supplied from another source, such as a well or bore hole there is no requirement.  We do however recommend that you still comply, therefore ensuring good plumbing practice.

In a domestic property do I have to notify Anglian Water if I intend to install or replace • A bathroom suite? • A shower mixer? • Outside taps? • Kitchen sink taps? • Wash basin taps? • Bath taps? • Cold water storage cistern?

No, however, the work and the water fittings installed must comply with the Water Regulations.

Do I need to duct or sleeve hot and cold water pipework if they are to be embedded in a solid floor?

Yes you do need to duct or sleeve hot and cold pipework, the reason being that the pipework must be accessible or removable for maintenance or repair.

My plumber tells me that my flexible shower hose must not be able to reach into my toilet or bidet is this correct?

Yes it is.  Any shower hose that reaches into a toilet or bidet bowl is a fluid category 5 risk of contamination to your drinking water supply. There are several ways to eliminate the problem such as constraining the hose with a clip so that it cannot reach the toilet or bidet, fit a fixed shower screen or simply fit a shorter hose.

I am installing a new water service and need to know how deep the trench should be for water service pipes?

There is a minimum and maximum depth at which service pipes should be laid:

  • Minimum depth is 750 mm
  • Maximum depth is 1350 mm

If an installer wishes to install a service pipe either deeper or shallower than these depths they must notify Anglian Water for permission. 

Important note: The water service pipe must be a minimum of 350 mm away from any gas supply.

My plumber tells me that he only fits water fittings that are approved because unapproved fittings such as hoses and taps can give taste and odour problems is this true?

Many common plumbing fittings such as taps, flexible hoses, washing/dishwashing machine hoses or even a simple tap washer can give taste and odour problems if they have not been approved by one of the approval bodies.     

The main problem is the rubber used in unapproved hoses which can harbour bacterial growth on its surface.     

Unapproved taps can have rubber washers or O rings in the body of  the tap which can give a TCP taste to the water.  

Is the drainage pipework side of a plumbing system part of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999?

No. Drainage pipes from sinks, baths, showers, washbasins, toilets and bidets fall under the jurisdiction of part G of the Building Regulations.

What is the minimum water pressure that Anglian Water must supply?

The minimum water pressure that Anglian Water must supply to its customers at the boundary stopvalve of the property is 10 mts head or 1 bar, or another way of putting it, enough water pressure to fill a cold water storage cistern in a two storey house roof space.

Can I use Blue MDPE Polyethylene pipe above ground?

Blue MDPE pipe may be used above ground in situations where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Is it beneficial for me to use an Anglian Water approved plumber?

Yes.  All Anglian Water approved plumbers have had to pass written examinations to prove their knowledge and understanding of the Water Regulations to gain their approved status.  Approved plumbers will also issue you with a Water Regulation Compliance Certificate when they have completed a job.  The certificate is not only your guarantee that the work and water fittings installed comply with the law in England and Wales but it is also your defence in a court of law.

What temperature should cold water be distributed at?

So far as is reasonably practical the temperature of water within cold water pipes should not exceed 20ºC and adequate measures should be taken to ensure that this temperature is not exceeded.

What temperature should hot water be stored at?

Hot water must be stored at not less than 60ºC and be distributed at not less than 55ºC.  It should also be not less than 50ºC within 30 seconds after fully opening the tap.

Do I have to fit service valves on the supplies to all the taps in a property?

No.  Only the float operated valves, for example:

  • Ball valve in a toilet cistern
  • Ball valve in a cold water storage cistern
  • Ball valve in a heating feed and expansion cistern

I am intending to install a Rainwater Harvesting system with a mains water backup supply what must I do to comply?

Please contact our Water Regulations Team notification department on 0345 60 66 087, Option 4, then option 2. We will then inform you of everything that you must do to comply.

Can I build a new extension over an existing mains water supply pipe?

No.  The existing mains water supply pipe will have to be either re-routed around the new extension or it will have to be installed in a duct so that it can be removed for maintenance or repair.


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