Please be aware that we are currently phasing out this tariff. It will no longer be available from the 1 April 2015 to new applicants.  

Charges for 2015-16

SoLow Standing charge per year Charge per cubic metre
Water supply £21.52 £1.5605
Sewerage services (including surface water drainage) £21.61 £2.5314
Sewerage services (without surface water drainage) £21.61 £2.0129

Notes: The SoLow tariff was available to customers where the charge is for their only or main home. 

To make sure all of our customers pay fair charges based on the actual costs to provide them the water and sewerage services they use, we are making some changes. This includes phasing out the SoLow tariff.

The lower charges for SoLow favours households with only 1 or 2 occupants, not necessarily households that are most water efficient. As more and more households become metered and manage their water consumption, the lower charges for smaller households cannot be justified.

We always encourage water efficiency and will continue to support this in a variety of ways, for example by offering water efficiency home visits.

If you are already on the SoLow tariff, the figures below will show how this change may affect your annual bill amount.


  Total Water and Sewerage charges with Surface Water Drainage
 Average charges  2014/15  2015/16
 35m3 per year  £163.53  £177.49
 45m3 per year  £210.26  £215.87
 60m3 per year  £280.34  £273.46



m3 = cubic metres

1 cubic metre = 1000 litres


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