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Time to change

Time to change

Approaching someone who you think may be suffering from stress or depression can be very hard. 

Often we don’t know what to say. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Talk to them, ask “How’s it going?” , these three words can make a difference BUT be prepared to have time to listen.
  2. Keep in touch more: Text or e mail if you can’t meet
  3. Doing stuff is as good as a chat: This can be having a cuppa, arranging to play darts or pool or going to the football
  4. Talk. Swap stories: Don’t ignore the difficult stuff – you don’t need to solve it, you just need to listen
  5. Keep it real: Don’t make a big deal of how your mate is feeling but don’t make light of it either
  6. Be there: Ask what you can do.

Time to Talk

Watch our time to talk video and see how you can make a difference.

Geoff Isaacs - Alliance Surgical Lead Psychiatrist
Kate Kelly - Director of Human Resources
John Bridges - Trade Union Representative
Alan Law - Health & Safety Technician
Sonja Schwartz - Occupational Health Team Manager
Paul Gibbs - Director Water Recycling
Martyn Oakley - Customer Services Director
Paul Valleley - Director of Water Services


Help and support

Anglian Water Employees can contact our Employee Assistance Programme Provider, Workplace Options on 0800 234 458 or email

Other helpful sources:

Mind: 0300 123 3393

Depression Alliance

Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90

Rethink Mental Illness: 0300 5000 927


Public attitudes towards people with mental health problems have improved to a greater level than we’ve ever seen before but there is still much more to be done, especially in changing the way people think and talk about mental health at work. That’s why Time to Change, the mental health anti-stigma campaign run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, is working with more than 350 organisations from all sectors to tackle mental health stigma in the workplace.

Right now, 1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. While our latest attitudes research shows that more people would now be willing to work with someone with a mental health problem, nearly half (48%) would feel uncomfortable talking to their employer about mental health problems. So there is work to be done in creating working environments where people can talk openly and supportively about mental health.

We’re really pleased to be working with Anglian Water as part of their work to tackle stigma and create a mentally healthy workplace for all employees. Creating a working environment where people feel supported and able to open up if they are struggling with their mental health is key to bringing about change. Anglian Water’s work along with other organisations who have pledged their support, will help towards ending stigma and discrimination faced by those with mental health problems, for good.

Rosie McKearneyEmployer Manager at Time to Change


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