At Anglian Water, we believe in doing the right thing for the environment and the planet.


We're committed to reducing CO2 emissions, protecting precious water resources and local habitats in our region. We continue to invest in innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future for water, nature and the communities we serve.


Investing now to improve tomorrow​

Creating a sustainable future is something we have been working on for decades. We've made ambitious commitments that protect our environment, water and people: ​

  • Generating up to half of our own energy from renewable sources to help us achieving Net Zero Carbon status by 2030​
  • Accelerating £300million investment to protect our region's environment ​
  • Investing millions in new fibre-optic technology to find and fix leaks faster, saving precious water​
  • Adapting to climate change by constructing hundreds of kilometres of interconnecting pipeline to move water around our region​
  • Building two new reservoirs by 2035, to make sure the driest parts of our region have enough water​

Why not explore more about our journey so far and the projects you have helped us support.