Providing safe, clean water and safely recycling it back to the environment will always be our priority.


And making sure we do it in an environmentally friendly way with a smaller carbon footprint means we’re doing right by the communities we serve and the habitats and wildlife that are in and around them.

We want our customers to love the work we do and the services we provide. But our purpose demands more of us: we’re committed to making our communities and our environment flourish.​

Our Rutland Education Centre is based at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre in the village of Egleton at the western end of Rutland Water.​

We make use of both the reservoir and the nature reserve in our education programmes, which are designed around water and the environment and offer a real opportunity for pupils to discover the wonders of the natural environment. Through active learning and practical investigation students are encouraged to:​

  • respect the environment ​
  • become involved in natural history​
  • understand why maintenance of the natural world is important to us humans​

We’ve engaged with more than 19000 young people though our education programme in the last 12 months alone. To find out more visit Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre or to discover more education opportunities here. ​

Other ways we support our communities ​

Anglian Water Positive Difference Fund​
Back in April 2020 we set up a £1 million community support fund – the Anglian Water Positive Difference Fund. We donated £500,000 of emergency funds to more than 120 community organisations and fast-tracked more than £50,000 to frontline organisations in the immediate response to the pandemic. We are working with 15 Community Foundations to allocate the remainder. ​

Our ExtraCare Services​
We’ve supported more that 300,000 customers who are struggling to pay their water bill. Find out more about our specially trained support team can help you. ​