How you can help

Water is our business, and we have big dreams to make our region, the UK and the world a cleaner, healthier and better place to live, but there's only so much we can do on our own. 

Here are a few tips we've pulled together that can make a difference to the planet we live on and the people we share it with.​

​​Water Saving​
​Water is a precious resource and securing long-term access to water supplies is one of the biggest environmental and economic challenges the world faces today. Our region is also the driest in the country; where we receive on average, a third less rainfall than the rest of England. Some areas have lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem which is why it’s vital to look after the water we’ve got. ​
We can all play our part and make small changes to save water, here's how.

Report a Pollution ​
​Very occasionally, wastewater from drains and sewers, can end up in rivers, streams and other watercourses and if this happens, we need it reported to us so our teams can take immediate action. Reaction time is always the most important factor in avoiding any impact to the environment, so if you think you have seen a sign of sewage, please report it to us.​

Reduce single use plastics​
Single use plastics have a huge impact on the environment, so we have included our top tips for living with less plastic.  By reusing products, materials and resources for as long as possible, we can minimise the generation of waste which is produced and make a big difference to the future of our streams, rivers and seas. ​Find out how you can help.

Volunteering ​
Bringing together different organised groups who protect and improve local rivers, nature reserves and beach environment to conserve our valuable water habitats for the future and take ownerships of waterways in our region. Explore ways you can volunteer with us.:


  • Rivercare & Beachcare ​
    Brings together 'friends of' and community groups, canoe clubs, residents' associations and neighbourhoods. They all come together with a common goal to improve their local river or beach environment and take ownership of our waterways in our region. There are lots of Rivercare and Beachcare activities you can get involved with and we're always looking for volunteers to join existing groups as well as set up new groups To find out more or contact the group here. 


  • Parks​
    We have dedicated teams at Rutland Water and Taverham Mill who are always looking for people to join them. The teams are responsible for caring and attending to some of our nature reserves to ensure they remain safe and clean. ​To find out more about the benefits and how to get involved, chose your site: 

- Taverham Mill​

- Rutland Water​

- Grafham Water​

- Alton Water