Save water

Water is precious. And we never stop looking for better ways to save it. The ever-increasing demand in our fast-growing communities means we all need to use water carefully.

To add to that, our region has the lowest rainfall in the country. We can’t make it rain more, but we can all make small changes to save every drop of water. Let’s save what we can together.
Save water at home

Saving water doesn't mean we have to cut down on our cuppas or wear our socks two days on the trot. Just a few little steps around the home could help make a big difference.


Together we can make a difference

In recent times, the average household water consumption has risen by 15%, so there’s never been a more important time to love every drop. We can’t make it rain more, but we can all do everything possible to save water for ourselves, our neighbours and our local environment.

How you can help