Save water

Love every drop, every day

Our region is a beautiful and busy one, and we're proud to supply safe drinking water to 4.3 million of you. But our precious water resource is being squeezed from all angles - due to a growing population, ever-increasing demand and the lowest rainfall in the country.

And when something is precious to you, you do everything you can to protect it. That’s why we’re tirelessly looking for better ways to save water. We may be the best leak-finders in the business, but we’re still investing £22 million every single year to stop water going to waste. On top of this we’re continually improving our network of pipes. It’s all part of our Water Resources plan, which you can read here.


You can help too


We can’t make it rain more, but we can all do everything possible to save water for ourselves, our neighbours and our local environment. Just by turning off your tap when you brush your teeth in the morning and shortening your shower by 1 minute you can save up to 27 litres of water. That’s enough for 80 cups of tea each - a simple saving we can all make.


Think how much water and money could be saved if everyone in your house, street and community did this, every day? That’s a lot of water saved for tomorrow, and a lot of extra money to enjoy on other things.


Smarter ways to save water

To protect water in our region, we want to make it simple for you to save water in your home. Many of you already have a meter that means you only pay for the water you use, but we’re determined to go even further to give you better tools to save water. By 2035, we’ll upgrade all our meters to smart meters which allows you to see the water you’re using each day, giving you more control of what you save, plus it’ll also help you spot if you have a leak at home. You can find out more about our smart meter upgrade programme here.

In it together

In recent times, the average household water consumption has risen by 15%, so there’s never been a more important time to love every drop. If you’d like to help, there are lots of easy ways you can save water in your home: