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Save water

Every time you flush, shower or bathe, you’re using fresh drinking water. As we live in the UK’s driest region and resources are precious for our communities, businesses and wildlife, we’re keen to help you save it.

At home, we each use around 120 litres of water a day and the average household spends some £400 a year on their metered bill. This is likely to be higher if you have an inefficient appliance or a dripping tap. 

Imagine if you could reduce that amount by 20 litres, every day? That’s the equivalent of two full buckets. And think how much water and money could be saved if everyone in your house, street and community did this, every day? That’s a lot of water saved for tomorrow and extra money to enjoy other things.


How to start saving water and money

  • Have a meter installed - pay for what you use and not a drop more. If you have more bedrooms than people in your house, you could save money by having a meter.  Find out about applying for a meter here
  • Use our water calculator to find out home much water you use in your home.
  • Find out if your household are Super Savers, play our game to test your water saving actions
  • Find out how to check and fix leaks here.

We’re not only asking you to save water, we’re doing our bit too. Find out more here.