Future investments

Here at Anglian Water, we understand the challenges of water scarcity in our region and that’s why we never stop looking for ways to invest in the future of water for our region and generations to come. ​

Investment in environmental programmes​

Our Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) is delivering £800million’ worth of benefits across 1,200 schemes, which are specifically targeted at enhancing the environment and improving river water quality.

At end March 2023, we are on track to deliver a further 227 environmental commitments, in addition to our programme in the first two years of the AMP. These include schemes to better understand and improve our overflows, reduce the amount of chemicals entering the environment, and better understand flows through our treatment processes, all of which deliver improvements to the quality of our rivers.

We are also finalising our accelerated WINEP (A-WINEP) programme, bringing forward significant investment in areas such as storm spills, to enable environmental benefits to be delivered early. This builds on the approach we took at the beginning of the AMP to accelerate £300 million of investment and 200 schemes through the government's Green Recovery Plan at no extra cost to customers. Furthermore, as part of WINEP, we're working with regulators to understand the process for RNAG (rivers that are not yet achieving good status) removal by the end of the AMP.

River water quality​
We hear and understand the public’s unease about river water quality, that’s why we’ve fast-tracked £300 million of investment through the government’s Green Recovery plan with no additional cost to our customers. Through this investment we will be focusing on environmental improvements, river restoration projects and wetland treatment schemes. We’re working in partnership with Catchment-Based Approach, local Rivers Trusts, environmental groups and landowners, to target our region’s most iconic chalk streams. We know river water quality is an ongoing issue, and we're are working hard to continue finding innovative solutions. ​ Find out more here.

Storm tanks ​
We’re installing additional storm water storage at 110 of our Water Recycling Centres across the East of England. The work totals an investment of £100 million as part of the WINEP and it’s targeted at increasing resilience across the region. This work will help protect the environment by preventing storm water being discharged into rivers and seas, as well as reducing the risk of flooding to homes and businesses.​

Treatment wetlands ​
We’re working on more than 200 environmental schemes, such as treatment wetlands and various river restoration schemes, through partnerships with environmental organisations like Rivers Trusts and Wildlife Trusts. These treatment wetlands work as a natural treatment plant for millions of litres of water a day and the natural filtering process improves the quality of water being returned - benefiting the whole of the river. Aside from having a practical purpose, the wetland is a huge biodiversity asset, attracting birds, amphibians, bats and water voles.​

Strategic Pipeline Alliance​
We’re creating hundreds of kilometres of new, interconnecting pipelines through our Strategic Pipeline Alliance, to help combat the impact of climate change and keep fresh, clean water flowing across our region. The total investment will be about £400 million and, once complete, the new network will be longer than any UK motorway. ​

Future Fens: Integrated Adaptation​
We’re working in partnership on an innovative new project that will change the way we manage water for communities at risk of the impacts of climate change. Half of the UK’s most fertile agricultural land is located in the Fens, providing a fifth of the nation’s crops and a third of its vegetables. If lost to climate change, the UK would become very reliant on imported foods. Find out more about our integrated approach here. ​

Helping customers​
We want to help customers save water by investing £31million to roll out over 1 million upgraded smart water meters across the region, helping customers to understand their water usage and identifying leaks in customers’ homes to better meet demand for water in the future. Find out more about the projects across our region here.​