We’re creating a new drinking water grid for the east of England.


It is one of Europe’s biggest environmental projects and the most important in Anglian Water's history.


Once complete, hundreds of kilometres of underground, large-diameter, interconnecting pipelines will stretch from North Lincolnshire to Essex.


They will allow 265 million litres of water to be moved from ‘wetter’ to ‘drier’ areas of the region, helping to combat the risk of shortages, boosting resilience and securing water supplies. ​


The importance of the work cannot be underestimated: Anglian Water's region is the driest in the UK and has a rapidly-growing population. Without our new drinking water grid, demand for water will outstrip supply meaning the east of England could run out of water as soon as 2030.​

Our work will leave a green and social legacy. We've donated more than 2,000 books to 11 primary schools, planted thousands of trees to boost biodiversity, built special 'commuter' fences to help bats and donating life-saving defibrillators to communities.


Learn how we’re creating hundreds of kilometres of pipeline to safeguard long-term water supplies

We're building the network in sections. 


Click on the links below for further details about the each section. A map showing all the pipelines, and answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), are also below. 



Improving local water supplies


The new pipelines will also strengthen resilience by reducing the number of home and businesses which rely on a single water source.

This programme forms a key part of our Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP), which sets out how we will manage the water supplies in our region to meet current and future needs over 25 years.




Peter Simpson, Anglian Water Chief Executive

The challenges of population growth and a changing climate are felt nowhere more keenly than here in the East of England. Starting this programme is a significant part of our planned investment in the region over the next five years, which will begin to tackle those challenges and secure customer supplies well into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)