Enhancing the environment

At Anglian Water we play a huge role in protecting and enhancing the environment across the east of England.

We’re the biggest water company by geographic area and operate in the driest region in the UK and our population is rapidly growing. As well as keeping up with demand as our region grows, we work hard to protect local wildlife and make the water we give back to nature even better.


Investing in the environment to make it happy, healthy and flourishing is part of our purpose to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to love every drop.

Caring for our Coastline​
Using state-of-the-art bathing water monitoring systems, we take care of the coastline for communities and nature. Together with local authorities, the Environment agency and businesses we help provide a healthy, beautiful coastline rich in wildlife which benefits local communities and the coastal economy. We’re proud to have so many of Britain’s best beaches, cleanest bathing waters and some of the rarest wetland habitats in our region.​

Rivercare & Beachcare​
Our partnership programme with Keep Britain tidy, Rivercare and BeachCare, is where together we develop, and support community led volunteer groups to take ownership of the region's waterways. Protecting, enhancing and conserving our valuable water habitats for the future. ​

Preventing Pollution​
Anything you find in the environment which shouldn’t be there, causing an impact on the surrounding area is defined as a pollution. Lots of different causes of pollution can affect our rivers from chemical spills and farming run-off to household waste and sewage. Our aim is always zero pollutions but sometimes the combination of blocked pipes and heavy rainfall due to climate change can overwhelm our sewer pipes and result in pollution. ​

We clear roughly 40,000 blockages in the region a year, around one blockage every 15 minutes and 80% of those blockages are avoidable, caused by wrong items like grease or wet wipes being flushed or put down the sink. We're also deploying new technology like sewer monitors and CCTV in our pipes to help detect blockages before they become a problem. ​

Our Plastic Pledge​
In 2018 we became the first water company to announce a radical commitment to rid the East of England of plastic pollution by 2030. It’s a big challenge, but we know it’s an important issue to our customers as reducing the amount of plastic we use is crucial to protecting our rivers and saving our seas. Plastic items cause immeasurable damage to our environment, wildlife and the future of our ocean.  ​