Climate change, population growth and an increase in hard landscaping – such as paved driveways are contributing to more intense rainfall, more runoff and more sewage, increasing the pressure on the sewer system.


Lots of different causes of pollution can affect our rivers from chemical spills and farming run-off to household waste and sewage. ​
But we are working together with communities, partners and individuals across the region to prevent them from happening.

Keep It Clear​
There’s something we can all do to prevent pollutions and keep our drains clear.  Blocked pipes are one of the most common causes of river pollution and flooding. Our sewers and drains are designed to carry the three Ps – Pee, Poo and Paper (toilet).​

Our Keep It Clear programme helps reduce the misery, cost, bad smells and potential flooding and pollution caused by avoidable blockages. Have a look at our tips and advice.

What is a pollution?  ​

There are lots of different types of pollution can affect our rivers from chemical spills and farming run-off to sewage and household waste. Find out more about what a pollution is here.

Our Pollution Watch campaign

Is for preventing the impact of pollutions.  When blockages mixed with extreme weather cause pollutions, we need to respond to them as quickly as possible to reduce the impact.


Occasionally wastewater from drains and sewers, can end up in rivers, streams and other watercourses so if you are out and about and see pollutions, please report an issue immediately.

Love our seaside campaign 

Caring for our coastline is very important to us and we’ve invested over £300million pounds over the last 25 years to help protect it. We’ll continue to invest to keep our bathing waters in top condition and improve areas not yet classified as Excellent.


With the longest coastline of any English water company, our coastal campaign is engaging with holidaymakers and those who live by the sea to help reduce the impact of plastic and sewage debris on our beaches.