Annual integrated report

Our Annual Integrated Report gives a full overview of our activity and performance over the year, ranging from how we’re delivering on our environmental and social Purpose to our progress on our Outcome Delivery Incentives and our financial performance.

You can view the full online version of the report here.


If you’re interested in particular areas of our activities and performance, you can read more about them via the links below.

Outcome performance history

We measure our performance against 32 commitments, or Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs), which appear throughout the annual integrated report.


In this section you can see how we’ve performed over the past five-year business plan period (AMP6, 2020-2025) on each of the commitments. 


You can also see information here on the rewards and penalties determined by our regulator, Ofwat.


2020 outcome performance

This section highlights our performance against each of our Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) in 2019/20.


A smaller footprint

As one of the largest energy consumers and emitters in the East of England, we have a  responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint.  


A flourishing environment

The natural environment is the foundation of our business and the broader regional economy. We are committed to bringing environmental prosperity to our region.


Supply meets demand

Managing increasing demand on our water and water recycling systems is critical to ensuring we deliver a sustainable, continuous service over the long term.


Resilient business

In order to deliver the continuous service our customers expect, we must make that our business is designed to cope with disruptive events and the impacts of climate change, such as drought and flooding.


Investing for tomorrow

Customers expect us to be prepared for future challenges. This means proactively maintaining our water and water recycling assets and planning for the long term.


Safe, clean water

Our customers view the provision of safe, clean drinking water as the most vital service we offer.


Delighted customers

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do helps to make sure that we are making the right decisions and meeting changing expectations.


Fair charges, fair returns

As a monopoly provider, we have a responsibility to make sure our charges and our profits are fair. Find out about how we finance our company, the charges customers pay and how we support those in need of extra help.


Our people: healthier, happier, safer

Customers rely on our people. Find out how we champion health, safety and wellbeing; develop new talent; and nurture an efficient, customer-focused workforce.


Positive impact on communities

Our activities have a broad impact on the communities we serve. We act as a responsible citizen, taking consideration of the views of community members. Through our purpose, we are committed to bringing social prosperity to our region.


Case studies

Our Annual Integrated Report also provides an opportunity for us to share some of the highlights of our sustainable approach to business. Read more in our case studies.