Our Annual Integrated Report provides an opportunity for us to share some of the highlights of our sustainable approach to business. See the case studies below for more details.


Financing our business

Sustainable finance which integrates environmental, social and governance criteria into investment decisions has never been higher on the corporate agenda than it is today.



Anglian Water led the way in this emerging field when we became the first European utility to launch a sterling Green Bond.  Find out how green finance has become ‘business as usual’ for us.

Securing supplies sustainably

The Anglian Water region is home to some of England’s rare and precious chalk streams, a hugely important environmental asset which must be protected for the future.



Find out how we’re doing just that, while securing future water supplies, through an ambitious £36 million scheme at Heigham, outside Norwich.

Towards net zero

It was just last year that we set our ambitious goal to reach net zero carbon by 2030. But our journey to net zero really began in 2010.



Read more about our performance on carbon reduction and the leading role we’re playing in developing the water industry’s road map to net zero in the case study below.