A lot of thought and consideration has gone into making this the right plan.

Following the initial screening, almost 600 of our water recycling catchments were risk assessed to the year 2050 to understand the impact from future growth and climate change. Our draft DWMP now contains the solution strategies for these catchments, together with timescales. Our plan is designed to be flexible, with regular monitoring, and we’ll continue to work with our stakeholders to make sure the right solutions are carried out at the right time. 

Our draft DWMP indicates that over the next 25 years, investment of up to £3.5 billion is needed to address the future risks highlighted in our DWMP, as well as fixing some existing problems. And please note, while we await outputs from the Storm Overflow Action Plan this estimate of investment doesn’t include the assessment of costs required to meet the new storm overflow targets. 

Our draft DWMP is out for consultation between the 30th June and 16th September. Our final DWMP will be published in spring 2023. 


For a summary of our draft DWMP at either Level 1 or Level 3, please see below:



The consultation for our draft DWMP is open until 16th September 2022 and we would love to hear what you think! 

You can find our consultation form here. We’d love you to use the form where possible, but you can also get in touch via dwmp@anglianwater.co.uk