Water recycling long term plan

The Anglian Water region is one of the fastest growing in the UK, which presents unique challenges for us as a water company. We therefore recognise the value in understanding our capacity to support this growth, to create sustainable environments to live and work.

Water recycling long-term plan

This Water Recycling Long-Term Plan (WRLTP) is framed by our Strategic Direction Statement, our 25 year forward vision for the region. It also complements our Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP) page to provide transparency of our business planning processes, and allows us to respond to and influence the external market.

The investment needed over the next 25-years to balance the supply and demand for water recycling services is described in this WRLTP. The plan considers risk from growth, climate change, severe drought, and customer behaviours. It promotes sustainable solutions for maintaining reliable and affordable levels of service, and facilitates working in partnership to mitigate flood risk.