Our 12 ambitious business goals

To guide us on our sustainability journey, we have 12 goals as markers.

We clean water to the highest standard, deliver it to millions of homes and businesses (ensuring nature and agriculture gets its fair share), while minimising our impact on the environment.


Water is vital to the long-term future of our planet, so we launched Love Every Drop our strategy to bring us all together to put water at the heart of a whole new way of living.

Our goals

These are to:

  • have 100% of our customers very satisfied with our service
  • make a positive difference to the communities we serve
  • lead and champion the effective management of the impact of growth and climate change
  • no accidents
  • no incidents
  • no pollutions
  • zero waste. Get it right first time, every time
  • to deliver a 70% reduction in capital (embodied) carbon by 2030 from a 2010 baseline
  • to exceed a 7% reduction in real terms in gross operational carbon by 2020 from a 2015 baseline
  • pioneer responsible water stewardship
  • employer of choice
  • frontier performer in the UK.