Charges explained

Every year we review our water and sewerage charges to make sure our bills are fair and clear. Any changes to our charges will apply from the 1 April till 31 March the following year. We’re regulated by Ofwat who govern how all water companies set their bills and determine the amount of revenue we’re allowed to charge customers through water bills. 


Your water bill covers much more than just the cost of cleaning the water you use and the wastewater we take away. It goes towards protecting and enhancing the environment, as well as making sure there is enough water for everyone, both today, tomorrow and far into the future. Read more about the story behind your bill and how it’s being invested.​


Changes to our charges for 2024/25 ​​

From 1 April 2024, the average combined bill (for water and sewerage services) for our customers is increasing by 8% - that’s £1.45 per day for all water and sewerage services. This includes all metered and unmetered households, and any fixed charges. 

However, the increase in your bill will probably differ from this average based on different factors like: 

  • What service you receive from us - water and sewerage, water only, or sewerage only. 
  • Whether you have a water meter or not. 
  • How much water your household uses.
  • The time of year you receive your bill.

Find out more about the changes to our charges for both metered and unmetered customers here: ​

Metered customers

Unmetered customers


We also have specific tariffs for certain areas in our region such as Northstowe, Woods Meadow, Finningley and Hartlepool.

So, you can understand what these changes to our charges might mean for you, the table below shows the average increase to annual bills for customers on our Standard Tariff with a meter, including all fixed charges.

Typical Bills on our Standard Measured Tariff (Anglian Area)


These estimations don’t include other tariffs and are based on typical usage. If you wish to see a more accurate assessment of your water usage, try our simple water usage calculator