Understanding your bill

It’s important to us that our customers are able to easily understand their bills, so if you are struggling to view or understand your bill please contact us and we can provide your bill in an alternative formats. Simply join our priority services register and we’ll make sure we provide you with communication that suits your needs.​


The story behind your bill​
Below explains how your water bill covers more than just the cost of providing you with clean water, but also how our we are investing in innovative solutions to provide a sustainable future of water in our region. ​




Investing now to improve tomorrow​
Creating a sustainable future is something we have been working on for decades. This year we will make the largest ever investment in our region ensuring we protect our most precious resource, water.​


Key investments include:​

  • Continuing to invest millions in finding and fixing leaks​
  • The roll out of smart meters to help customers save both money and water​
  • Constructing 500km of interconnecting pipeline to move surplus water to some of the driest parts of our region​​
  • Building two new reservoirs to store more water​
  • Generating up to 45% of our own energy from renewable sources​
  • Reducing our carbon footprint to become a net zero business ​

Find out more about our journey so far, the projects you have helped us support and our commitments for the future.​

Explore how you help​
There are lots of ways you can help reduce your water usage at home, lower your bill and protect the environment. From using Smart Meters to adopting simple water saving tips; small changes to your daily habits can make a huge difference to sustainability in our region, find out more here.​

Worried about your bill?​
We understand that some customers may struggle to pay their bill. That’s why our specially-trained Extra Care support team can guide you through options such as discounted tariffs, affordable payment plans, breathing space and our priority services register. We’re here for you when you need us - find out more about our support services here.​