Meet the team

Joanne Pollock

Advisor for Northants, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and West Cambridgeshire

My agricultural background:
I come from a mixed farming background in Northern Ireland and most recently I have been giving water quality advice through Catchment Sensitive Farming in the Lower Great Ouse catchment (Northants, Beds, Cambs).

I want to talk to farmers about…
The challenges they face with crop protection and how we can work together to find practical solutions to the joint issue of pesticides in drinking water. It should be a two-way exchange and I want to find out what would help farmers to tackle these challenges.

Gary Hodgetts

Advisor for Essex and Suffolk

My agricultural background:
I started with CEFAS back in 2001 in the marine and
coastal sector and went on to deliver stewardship agreements and look after Sites of Special Scientific Interest for Natural England. Since early 2012 I have been the Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer for
the Stour and Colne plus Gipping and Orwell Catchments, working with farmers to reduce potential diffuse water pollution risks from agriculture.


I want to talk to farmers about...
Their own holding’s land characteristics and farm business in order to advise them about resource protection opportunities, potential help available, new products, thinking and equipment. 

Kelly Hewson-Fisher

Advisor for Lincolnshire

My agricultural background: I started life on a dairy farm in Lincolnshire and after a degree in Agri-Food Marketing and Business Studies from Harper Adams I joined ADAS as an Agricultural Business Consultant and spent 12 years working through the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber Region and East Anglia.

I want to talk to farmers about...
I want farmers to ask where their water drains to, the importance of their water bodies, the impact their actions have and what can they do to help mitigate the problems. I would like to be able to provide farmers with the facts and information to enable them to make informed choices. 

Rob Holland

Advisor for Norfolk and Suffolk

My agricultural background:
I studied at Riseholme Agricultural College in Lincoln leaving with a diploma in agricultural management, worked on a variety of farms before becoming an Agriculture Liaison Officer for the National Grid (gas) during mains laying projects across the UK. Before joining Anglian Water I was delivering catchment advice to farmers in the Broadland area and Suffolk on behalf of Essex & Suffolk Water and the Broads Authority.

I want to talk to farmers about...
The issues that they have that seem “impossible to solve”. I believe there is always an answer, it just needs the right approach. Talking to farmers and land managers and finding those innovations that suit an individual situation is very satisfying. Each farm, indeed every field, is unique and often need unique measures. I want farmers to invite Anglian Water onto their farm to discuss improvements they could be making, with Anglian Water’s help, to reduce the impact they may be having on the environment.

Rebecca Carter

Advisor for South Lincolnshire

My agricultural background:
I studied Animal Science at Nottingham University before joining RSK ADAS Ltd for five years as an Agricultural Consultant working on a wide range of projects, mainly in the arable sector ranging from on farm advice to organising technical farmer meetings. I found that working directly with farmers was what I enjoyed the most, and an area where changes to the farm system could be trialled and  real differences made. I am BASIS (arable), FACTS and BASIS Soils and Water qualified.


I want to talk to farmers about...
how to maximise the value of their already existing methods and features they have already on the farm and how small tweaks can be a win-win on the farm and for the environment. I am particularly interested in soil health and seeing the farm from a holistic standpoint and how we as an industry can continue to improve farm resilience and gross margin, whilst protecting and improving the environment.


Georgina Wallis

Catchment Advisor

My agricultural background:

I come from a family farm in the region and have recently graduated from my studies of Agriculture (FdSc) and Land Management (BSc) at Moulton College in Northamptonshire whilst working on farms in my home county of Bedfordshire. I then went on to join River Nene Regional Park as a Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer, working with a range of farms across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire on Countryside Stewardship, grant schemes and improving environmental and business resilience for farms.


I want to talk to farmers about...
How we can improve environmental health whilst supporting a successful agricultural industry. ‘You can’t be green when you’re in the red’ is one of my favourite quotes and I try to relay that with the work I do. I enjoy the variety that my role brings I am satisfied when people feel confident and empowered in their decision making. I enjoy spending time working through issues that a farmer may have to reach an outcome suitable for their individual situation and beneficial to all.

Fiona Wood

Nutrients Advisor (regional) / Catchment Scientist

My agricultural background:

My interest in farming began with working on market gardens, before and after doing a masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture at the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen. After a spell in research looking into how nutrients are lost from farmland into watercourses, I went on to work for FWAG in Worcestershire for several years. Getting closer to the practical end of things again was where really I wanted to be, and I worked with many farmers on all aspects of the Environmental Stewardship schemes as well as delivering resource management visits for Catchment Sensitive Farming.


I want to talk to farmers about...

I now work mainly on supporting farm nutrient efficiency across the region, particularly with respect to nitrate use around our nitrate affected groundwater sources.

There’s always something that can be done on each farm, and although no-one can do everything, I want to help you find where the opportunities are on your farm. Small improvements add up to make a big difference, helping both the farm business and the environment to thrive.

Richard Reynolds

Senior Agronomy Advisor

My agricultural background:

Brought up in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa around dairy, timber and sugarcane I received a Masters Degree in Agriculture before working as a researcher with the Department of Agriculture.  Running arable and livestock trials in a province three times the size of the Anglian Water presented challenges but emphasised the value of a balance between business insight and human skills when considering agricultural solutions. 


I want to talk to farmers about...
How we can work together to improve the productivity and resilience of both businesses.  Agriculture sits at the top of the water supply chain so it makes sense to work together to achieve short term challenges and long term ambitions.


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