Food Service Establishments

Most food service establishment (FSE) produces waste fat, oil and grease (FOG) as part of its operations, but we can work together to make sure it doesn’t affect the local sewers, community and environment.


From normal washing up activities, FOG can get into the network, solidify and cause blockages. But working together, proactively and collaboratively, we can make sure businesses install the correct equipment and take actions to stop this becoming a problem.


Working together with the White Swan at Gressenhall

We have always been committed to minimising pollutions across our region, which has included trying to protect FSE’s from blocked pipes and safeguarding them from fines and penalties. And food establishments are required by The Water Industry Act 1991, under section 111, to ensure waste from their premises does not block or damage the sewer network. ​

If a water company discovers that the wrong things are going down the drain, they can give a notice of recharge,to recover the costs for damaging the sewer and sometimes prosecute the person or company responsible. And if you’re prosecuted, you could face an unlimited fine or even imprisonment. ​

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