It's important that we work collaboratively protecting the community and environment as it's a fundamental part of delivering our core purpose - to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to love every drop.


We're always working hard to detect and remove blockages in the network, using the latest technology cameras and high-powered jets. We also upsize sewers and increase capacity to reduce the number of blockages and reduce the risk of flooding in homes and pollutions in the local environment.

But blocked pipes are one of the most common causes of sewer flooding in homes and pollution of the local environment. We need to make sure during extreme weather events the sewers and pipes remain clear to deal with the rapid increase of used water flowing through them. This helps to reduce the misery, cost, bad smells and potential flooding and pollution caused by avoidable blockages. ​

Working together with communities, councils and food service establishments we can proactively prevent blockages from happening and Keep It Clear​.

Help us Keep It Clear​
Together we can Keep It Clear and stop blockages becoming a problem, by recycling kitchen fats, oils and grease. Did you know that you could also be generating additional revenue every year with the waste oil from commercial kitchens? Selling used cooking oil and recycled kitchen fats oils and grease can be used as a renewable resource - made into biofuel or biodiesel. ​


By recycling these waste resources, you'll be protecting the sewer network helping to protect the environment our region’s habitats and wildlife to flourish. In addition you'd also be helping to reduce the UK's reliance on fossil fuels.  The energy created from bioresources is cleaner, greener energy and better for nature.

Explore more about the circular economy and how you can join the movement here.