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Occupational health & safety management system

To ensure the health and safety of our employees and the safety of the public Anglian Water has implemented a company-wide occupational health and safety management system. This is externally assessed and certificated by a third party for compliance with international health and safety standard, ISO 45001:2018.

The system covers all activities undertaken by Anglian Water and demonstrates our commitment to reducing the exposure of our employees and all other parties to occupational health and safety risks associated with our activities. In addition the system provides a consistent and proven management approach to our health and safety risks, both present and future, and enables assurance of compliance with applicable health and safety legislation and regulation and of due diligence generally. The system is regularly updated to continually improve our occupational health and safety performance.


A key element of the management system is our health and safety policy which defines at the highest level Anglian Water’s commitment to occupational health and safety.


Peter Simpson, Chief Executive, Anglian Water.

Nothing that we do at Anglian Water is so important that we cannot find the time to do it safely. The health and safety of our employees and anyone who is affected by our operations is paramount.

Integrated management system

Anglian Water has taken an integrated approach to the construction and operation of its management systems including an integrated management system (IMS) policy. View our integrated management system policy. This includes:

An established Quality Management System (QMS) which is externally assessed and certificated by a third party for compliance with International Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. The scope of system coverage is:

“The management of drinking water supply to ensure water quality and service availability from source to consumer, collecting and treating waste water to return recycled water to the environment, in accordance with national regulation and legislation within the Anglian Water region.”

Asset Management where ISO55001 outlines asset management best practice, detailing a standard against which we can measure our own asset management function whilst challenging and continually improving what we do.


PAS 2080:2016 Carbon Management in Infrastructure. The scope of this system coverage  is: 


”The Carbon Management process for the investment programme for water and water recycling infrastructure implemented as Asset owner/manager by Anglian Water Services Ltd and Hartlepool Water Ltd in accordance with PAS 2080 requirements “.


Business Continuity Management System

To further protect vital water and water recycling services Anglian Water also has an established Business Continuity Management System that is externally assessed and certificated by a third party for compliance with international standard ISO 22301:2019.

We are assessed to ensure we have sufficient resilience arrangements in place and we can so we can  respond quickly to recover any critical activity that is interrupted and that we are fully prepared for emergency response or workplace recovery situations.

This is not limited or restricted to just business continuity and covers all aspects of ‘Business Resilience’ including security, emergency preparedness, training and exercising, impact management and any other arrangements.


Our current external certification body for all systems is BSI which is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).