Water Innovation Network

How does Anglian Water engage with suppliers? 


At Anglian Water, we’re always exploring. Always searching for ways to generate better, more efficient cost-saving solutions and outcomes for our customers and the environment. We couldn’t do this without our network of trusted suppliers both inside and outside our network. 

What is the Water Innovation Network (WIN)? 

WIN is a free partnership initiative run by not for profit organisation Allia and Anglian Water. It is the platform Anglian Water uses to connect and engage with potential supply chain, which includes innovators, individuals and businesses. 

The platform provides unique opportunities to connect our business challenges with organisations and individuals who could help us solve them.


Any business, organisation or individual can submit an innovative solution or idea to industry experts via the WIN online platform. This could be a product or a piece of technology, or it could be a great idea or service offering we could use. Here they can also access challenges Anglian Water has posted and respond to them. 


What support is available? 


If you are a supplier, the Water Innovation Network is the formal process to use to access our Anglian Water experts. Through WIN, suppliers can potentially drive sales and grow their businesses. Solutions, products and ideas will be reviewed by experts within Anglian Water and feedback, advice, support and access to specialist equipment will be provided to allow solutions to be developed further if required. 


Find out more 


Visit the Water Innovation Network website. 

Ofwat’s Innovation in Water Competition – January 2021

On 18 January 2021 the first round of the Innovation in Water Challenge (IWC) will open for collaborative entries led by Anglian Water and all UK water companies. The primary objective of the first IWC is to encourage new ways of working that go beyond business-as-usual innovation practices in the water sector, in particular increasing and improving collaboration and building partnerships inside and outside the water sector.  
Anglian Water is looking for current or future suppliers with ideas that address the big challenges facing the sector that would benefit from additional innovation which have been guided by the five strategic innovation themes. We are looking for initiatives that we can collaborate with our suppliers on across all areas from technology, methodologies and approaches to culture, business practices and commercial models. Successful entries will receive between £50,000-£250,000 to support, kick-start, grow or scale their initiative.  
If you would like to make a submission, please login to the portal. The deadline for Anglian Water entries is 12 noon (GMT) on 08 February 2021. 


The UK Water Innovation Strategy 


In September 2020, the water industry launched its UK water innovation strategy. This was collectively developed by all 19 water companies to give a single and comprehensive overview of the sector’s mission to drive transformational change between now and 2050.  
The seven themes identified by the strategy reflected many of Anglian Water’s current and future challenges and we’re pleased that our Shop Window priorities align with thinking across the sector as well as our own regional challenges.  
Part of the overall approach includes a £200 million innovation competition fund to encourage innovation to transform water and wastewater services.