Green recovery plan

As a purpose-led company, we are committed to seeking positive environmental and social outcomes for our region. Here we set out the commitments we’re making to support a green recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus has reshaped our societies almost overnight, with impacts ranging from devastating loss of life to job losses, economic difficulties and huge disruption of day-to-day routines. But there have been more positive changes, including increased flexible and remote working, better air quality and reduced carbon emissions. We have also seen renewed interest in nature, and a welcome growth in community spirit. 

There are now widespread calls for a so-called ‘green recovery’ to make sure we keep and build on the positive changes we have seen, and to help the country thrive again, especially given the challenge of climate change.


Our Purpose commits us to seeking environmental and social prosperity in our region, the East of England. So we decided to set out here the commitments we are making to support a green recovery.


Our plan focuses on five main areas: carbon reduction, growth, skills and jobs, climate change and nature recovery, outlining our commitments and sharing some of the work we’ve done in these areas to date. It also sets out the future we’d like to see, and how we hope to get there by working in partnership with government, with regulators and across a wide range of sectors.


Peter Simpson, CEO, Anglian Water

I am confident that by working together and making bold choices, we can move beyond straightforward recovery towards true environmental and social prosperity.

Green recovery five-point plan