We publish water resources market information so third-parties can put forward options, or bid, on how they would supply water, manage future demand or provide leakage services. We then compare these options with others (including in-house options) to develop our next Water Resources Management Plan.

Our region is divided into 28 water resource zones (WRZs) which are used to plan water resourcing and show the largest area a company will supply to. They also highlight where all customers have the same water supply risk. 

Each zone has a spreadsheet detailing water resources information and geographical data outlining its boundary. Any zones in deficit that require measures to maintain the balance between supply and demand are documented in our plan.

Find out more here about the tables and the zones.

The data can also be viewed using Watersource, an online platform which we have jointly developed with Wheatley Solutions and Northumbrian Water.  This new concept provides access to key elements of Market Information through a central ‘open’ cloud portal.  Users can spatially identify water resource zones which have a supply surplus and those which have a supply deficit. The Watersource platform can be accessed here.

Bid Assessment Criteria

Our process for assessing bids can be downloaded here.

Our approved trading and procurement code can be downloaded here.

For further information on submitting proposals and the bid assessment process, please get in touch.

The Water Resources Market Annual Report provides a review of all market activity for the reporting year 2021/22. The review includes a summary of third-party activity, a high-level view of bids received and summarises their evaluation using our bid assessment framework.  The report can be downloaded here.