Methods of direct sewer connections

Direct connections can be made to the public sewer by four main methods depending upon the size of the sewer and individual circumstances. These are:

  • Junction insertion
  • Saddle connection 
  • Connection to an existing manhole 
  • Construction of a new manhole

Backdrop manhole connections are not generally approved unless there are extenuating circumstances and must not be constructed without our prior approval.

Types of connections and methods

Septic tanks and cesspits

Septic tanks and cesspits are private drainage systems and are not the responsibility of Anglian Water.

A septic tank is a small sewage treatment system used for properties where there's no connection to main sewer pipes available. Sewage drains into the septic tank from one or more properties and is treated by bacteria in the tank. Septic tanks usually have an outlet to an effluent drain or soak-away. Septic tanks are owned and maintained by the owner(s) of the property(ies) they serve.


If your community rely on private sewerage systems, such as septic tanks and they are causing you and your local environment a problem, you could apply to have a public sewerage system through our First Time Sewerage Scheme.