Sewerage contractors

We will review and assess all drainage applications, however it is your responsibility to employ a competent contractor to undertake and complete the works.

Working within and on to the public sewer network can be hazardous by nature, therefore it’s important that such work is only carried out by a skilled, experienced and competent workforce.

The Contractors you appoint should implement and work to a safe system of work, have suitable training, use correct tools and equipment along with full personal protective equipment for the nature of the work to be carried out. Contractors that you select to carry out works must meet certain requirements.

The following information should be obtained from the contractor before work commences:

  • A copy of their health and safety policy.
  • A copy of their public liability insurance policy, the value of which must be a minimum of £5 million.
  • A statement in respect of quality assurance standards for the company's work.
  • Details of previous sewer connection works, types of connections, depths, methods used and dates.
  • Confined space trained personnel to City & Guilds 6160 (minimum 6160-02) where works involve entering a manhole

The contractor should also be provided with a copy of Anglian Water’s Generic Hazards List. The Contractor must ensure this document has been fully read, considered and understood and complied with, prior to carrying out any works.  

We would recommend that you take the advice of your own Project Manager/Architect/Health and Safety advisor, at all stages of the proposed works, from initial design to completion of construction.

Appointment of a suitable competent contractor is your responsibility, please ensure you carry out appropriate checks to ensure they can undertake the work safely.

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