Our performance

We are now publishing our performance against levels of service metrics for all our Development Services workstreams which include New Appointments and Variation (NAVs) and Codes for Adoption measures. 


All Water Companies in England and Wales have their performance published on a quarterly basis here, and you'll be able to see where we sit within league tables.


You can find the standard target measures detailed here by Water UK.


Development Services Complaints and Codes for Adoption Redress Scheme

We are committed to ensure that all our developers, NAVs and self‐lay providers (SLPs) receive a consistently high level of service and we monitor our performance very carefully. 


Our redress scheme has been published below in line with Section 10 of the Water Sector Guidance in relation to the adoption of self-laid assets by Anglian Water.


Where Anglian Water fail to comply with any performance metric set out in WSG Appendix G-Levels of Service and Report, without prejudice to any liability on the part of Anglian Water under the Water Adoption Agreement; the consequences shall be as follows:


  1. Where the failure arises in relation to a Category One Metric, Anglian Water shall within thirty working days of the failure arising and without any requirement on the part of the SLP to notify Anglian Water of the failure, send to the Customer a refund for the fee in question.

  2. Where the failure arises in relation to a Category Two Metric, without any requirement on the part of the SLP to notify Anglian Water of the failure, the following procedure shall apply:

    a) within one working day of the failure, Anglian Water shall email the SLP with such information as shall reasonably be available to it regarding the nature and cause of the failure with relevant supporting evidence, and an indication of the proposed remedial action;

    b) that email shall also contain a new date for the performance of the service in question (and in the case of a failure to meet the Delivery Date, that email will also contain a new date for the performance of the service which will be as soon as reasonably practicable taking account of the circumstances which led to the original delay);

    c) the SLP may either confirm acceptance of this information or request escalation to the Compliance Manager.

  3. Where the SLP requests such escalation, the Compliance Manager shall, within five working days of receipt of such notification, issue a written report setting out the causes of the failure, proposals to remedy the failure and lessons learnt by all parties which might prevent a  recurrence of similar failures.

  4. If before the due date for performance of an activity to which a Category Two Metric applies, a Water Company anticipates not being able to fulfil its obligations on the due date, it shall instigate the procedures set out in section 10.1.2 above.

  5. Where the SLP considers that it has suffered direct financial loss as a result of Anglian Water failure to comply with its obligations under section 10.1.2, it may make a written complaint to Anglian Water Compliance Manager. Anglian Water shall ensure that its internal complaints procedures are sufficiently robust and capable of processing complaints of this nature and able to make ex gratia payments where SLPs reasonably demonstrate such financial loss.

  6. The above provisions represent a minimum level of redress and where individual companies consider it appropriate, they may adopt other forms of redress in addition to those set out.

  7. Repeated failure may raise questions about the compliance of Anglian Water with its competition law obligations and may result in legal/regulatory consequences.


Details of all approved Water Sector Guidance documents can be found on the Water UK website.


Metric Title Definition Redress per day

Point of Connection

Connection Initial Application review

Within 5 calendar days confirm application form is complete. £10

Point of Connection

Review proposal

Within 14 calendar days (or 28 calendar days for complex sites as defined in Appendix E-Minimum Information) review proposal and validate / propose POC. £50

Design Review

Design Application

Within 5 calendar days confirm application is complete. £10


Review SLP design application

Within 5 calendar days confirm application is complete.



Provide design

Within 28 or 42 calendar days depending on the complexity (as defined in Appendix E - Minimum Information) complete design of Self-Lay Works £50


Water Company to Provide design acceptance

Within 14 or 21 calendar days depending on the complexity (as above-see App E) provide formal design acceptance. £50

Execute Water Adoption Agreement

Review / revise Water Adoption Agreement

Issue the Water Adoption Agreement using the MWAA as a template within 7 calendar days of receiving the request or a revision to the scope of work in an earlier draft. £20
SLPM- S4/1

Source of Water Delivery Date

Right day metric – agreed date when the Water Company will provide the Source of Water for testing purposes, contractually binding in the Water Adoption Agreement. £100
SLPM- S5/1a


Review request and carry out Final Connection

Within 14 calendar days from receipt of all valid test results and paperwork complete the Final Connection. £100
SLPM- S5/1b


Review application and agree date of Final Connection

Within 5 calendar days review the application, test results, as-laid information and agree the connection date with SLP and issue authorisation. £10


Issue vesting certificate

Once each Section of main(s) has successfully entered service, declare the Self-Laid Main vested. Vesting certificate should be issued within 5 calendar days of notification of the Final Connection being given. £50

Service Connections

Validate notification and provide consent to progress with connection

Issue consent, plot reference information, and costing details within 5 calendar days commencing on the day following written notification of connection call-off by the SLP.

Process payment for admin fees.


Service Connections

Install ‘screw in’ meter and record details

If requested, Water Company technician visits site to fit meter and records meter details. The SLA for this metric is 5 calendar days. £20