Self-lay meter fits

Accredited self-lay companies are able to fit Anglian Water meters at newly connected properties.

All self-lay companies will need to be accredited under the Lloyd’s Register Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS).

We’ve worked hard to enhance our existing self-lay process so that you can easily source our meters.

All meter fits should align with best practice as highlighted in the Self-Laying Water Mains and Services Code of Practice:

  • The meter must be installed at the boundary of the property in the boundary box. Should you wish to install the meter inside the property, we will need to discuss this with you before you install the meter so we ensure that it is accessible and safe.


In order to install and register an Anglian Water meter at a property you must:


  • Let your Project Engineer know you intend to fit the meter at the Pre-Commencement meeting.
  • Follow your normal self-lay process and submit the appropriate self-lay notification (SL) forms.
  • Send us the new SL8 meter order form when you’re ready to order your meters. You are responsible for the safe-keeping of the meter, any lost meters will incur an additional cost.
  • For sites deemed as high risk you must have your Water Regulations Inspection approved prior to ordering your meters.
  • Audits will be completed on a regular basis to ensure that reconciliation is carried out and the records we hold match what is in stock or has been fitted.
  • You will need to order a meter key, these can be purchased from national providers.
  • You must provide us information of each connection and the meter details within 48 hours of making the connection through the SL5 form.
  • Please note that the lead delivery time is 2 weeks for meters to arrive on site.