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Cotton bud on a beach

With the longest coastline of any English water company, Keep It Clear's coastal campaign is engaging with holidaymakers and those who live by the sea.

Marine Conversation Society’s 2016 Great British Beach Clean weekend found over 16,500 unflushable items littering our beaches. These items included cotton bud sticks, wet wipes and sanitary towels. An average of around 14 wet wipes were found for every 100 metres of coastline, an increase of almost 700% over the last decade. 

These washed up wipes can be mistaken for food by all sorts of precious marine life. Harming the marine life that ending up on our plate! 

As well as our support of Marine Conservation Society’s unflushable campaign, we work with a number of relevant stakeholders including Keep Britain Tidy, and local authorities to tackle the causes of pollution on beaches and in bathing waters.

Uniquely among water companies, Anglian Water has a team of coastal catchment advisors who work in local patches to investigate sources of pollution, tackle the problem of misconnected sewers and encourage the correct use of surface water drains.

Meet our Coastal Protection Team who will be helping to idetify and follow up on potential sources of pollution for our beaches.

  We also help fund BeachCare groups in places like Great Yarmouth and Southend to organise volunteers who pick litter and carry out wildlife surveys. From regular beach cleans to sand sculpture workshops and marine debris art, there’s a lot happening. 

Whether you live by the sea or visit on holiday, there’s something we can all do to help stop blockages and look after our beaches and marine environment.

Share to stop the unflushables

Help us protect our seas and beaches from the monstrous unflushables. From this day forward, pledge to only flush the 3Ps and never ever pour fat, oil or grease down the sink or drain. Click on Marine Conservation Society’s pledge page and add your support to the campaign. [Insert link to MCS pledge page]. 


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