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Make the shorter shower pledge

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We’re a nation of shower lovers – but did you know showers will account for at least 30% of your daily household use. 

A 10 minute shower will use on average 80 litres, if you have a power shower it can use more water than 1 bath full!

That's why we are challenging you to make a pledge to take a shorter shower. Imagine if everyone in your house, your street and your community took 2 minutes less in the shower, every single day – the equivalent of 2 full buckets. That’s a lot of water saved for tomorrow. To help you, we'll send you a free shower timer in the post when you make the pledge.

Make the pledge today and receive your free shower timer

Shorter showers could lead to:

Top 3 tips to keep on track

  1. Time yourself - Use the timer provided in the Pledge Pack to knock off a few seconds every day.
  2. Take the Navy shower - Don’t waste a drop, turn off the water while you lather up and back on when you need to rinse
  3. Sundays off! - If you’ve kept on track for 6 days a week, why not treat yourself to a longer shower on Sunday. Go on, splash out!



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